Cleaning service in Passaic, NJ

Cleaning service in Passaic

Cleaning service in Passaic, NJ

Cleaning Service Passaic

Is it messy?   Heavy?   Fire hazard?    Not enough time? Call Power Cleanouts:-- 201-624-1171 --(free quote) DON'T RISK moving that Octopus yourself. Power Cleanouts does it CHEAP, FAST and FRIENDLY. Take back your space!

The Process of Cleaning Service Passaic:

Power Cleanouts does not cut corners.    Others do. We respect the health and beauty of our environment in Passaic. We never dump at a landfill.      We do it legally and professionally. Through the use of state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Power Cleanouts works for the future and the landscape we'll pass to our children. Call direct:  201-624-1171 Or  book online for your FREE quote.

What can we remove from your space?

Anything. Let us make your backyard clean and clutter free. We remove whatever you don't want and give you back the natural space.    We take:
  • lawn furniture
  • tree branches
  • stumps, old cars
  • rocks
  • leaves
  • trampolines
  • swing sets
  • play houses, toys
  • pools
  • hot tubs
  • jungle gyms
Plus we'll clean out under your deck!

Why Power Cleanouts for Cleaning Service Passaic?

Whatever type of mess you've got, don't waste time doing it yourself.     Don't take the chance you'll hurt yourself or your property.      Leave the hassle and heavy lifting to us. Plus we dispose all trash legally and with respect for the environment. Call us for Cleaning Service services any time in Passaic: (201) 624-1171.  --Or, for any kind of junk removal and back yard clean up, call or: Book Online!

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Customer Testimonials:
Customer testimonial of Cleaning service Passaic

Johanna E

Punctual, Professional, and Perfectly Priced!
I highly recommend them, so no need to read another review or find another company. Call to set up an appointment and get rid of everything that no longer serves your life!

Different customer testimonial of Cleaning service in Passaic

Dawn C

Very very good! The guys were to arrive between 3 and 5. They arrived at 3 with smiling faces.
We had so much demo for them to clean up, I thought they would gasp, but they looked at it, said they have seen things like this before and got to work.Everyone was great, professional and did not complain about the amount. They just worked hard to get it all in the truck.

Lady holding baby Passaic Cleaning service

Christina D

Great guys, great service, great price.Needed something removed ASAP,the guys showed up 3 hours later and got everything out in 30 min.

male face describing Cleaning service testimonial in Passaic

Chris F

Called @ 1pm to get a quote. Very polite over the phone. Got a phone call in a half hr to see what needs to be taken. Two Guys Showed up at 2pm. Price was exactly what I expected. A lot cheaper than all companies. All was out of my home in 30 minutes. I highly recommend them


Cleaning service in Passaic

Cleaning service in Passaic