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What you put in a Storage Unit New Jersey will cost you over and over.

Pay storage for five months and you won't want to admit you wasted your money.    So you'll pay for another five.      And after that.... ? You can save money now by deciding what you really need. And throwing out the rest-- which can help people in need. That's where Power Cleanouts can make it affordable and fast. Call now for a free quote201-624-1171 

Before you call a Storage Unit New Jersey, just ask yourself these questions:

Would you buy it today? If you're no longer using clothes that are out of style, or furniture you swapped out when you remodeled your home, why save them? Always remember: the cost of storing these items will be greater than the cost to replace them. Is it easily replaceable? If you have a used possession that you could repurchase for $20 or less or borrow it from a neighbor in 20 minutes or less, toss it. Will one suffice? Collectibles and family keepsakes have their place, but you'd be wise to focus on one truly memorable item.   How many of your grandmother's quilted throws do you need to keep? White elephants will only cost you money. Any Storage Unit New Jersey would love that.

What happens to the stuff you leave?

Most furniture ends up in a Material Recovery Facility-- also known as a MRF. There the wood, metal and other recyclables are put back in use. Many pieces find a new home with people in need. With a storage unit New Jersey it will only gather dust and cost you money.

We do hauling and junk removal of every kind affordably and fast.

Junk removal of anything is our specialty. No job is too big -- or too small. We do full service hauling and junk removal for contractors homeowners architects property managers realtors --commercial, industrial, retail -- Total New Jersey Junk Removal.

How is Junk Removal in New Jersey Carried Out?

We care about the environment. Power Cleanouts does not cut corners.    Others do. We respect the health and beauty of our environment in New Jersey. We never dump at a landfill.      We do it legally and professionally, through state-of-the-art Materials Recycling Facility (MRF, pronounced "murf").  This is a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers.    It's another step in protecting our environment. Power Cleanouts works for the future and the landscape we'll pass to our children. With Power Cleanouts the process is direct. Call us now:  201-624-1171 Or you can book online for your FREE quote. We offer same day service at no extra cost. Or you can schedule a time convenient for you.

Plus:   Power Cleanouts can do much more.

We not only provide full service Junk Removal in  New Jersey.     Power Cleanouts also offers full-scale demolition services, truck rentals and deep cleaning. Plus we have specials for hoarder cleanup and full warehouse or loft space junk removal throughout New Jersey. Just call us at 201-624-1171 to get a free quote -- or book online.  

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Johanna E

Punctual, Professional, and Perfectly Priced!>
I highly recommend them, so no need to read another review or find another company. Call to set up an appointment and get rid of everything that no longer serves your life!

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Dawn C

Very very good! The guys were to arrive between 3 and 5. They arrived at 3 with smiling faces.
We had so much demo for them to clean up, I thought they would gasp, but they looked at it, said they have seen things like this before and got to work.Everyone was great, professional and did not complain about the amount. They just worked hard to get it all in the truck.

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Christina D

Great guys, great service, great price.Needed something removed ASAP,the guys showed up 3 hours later and got everything out in 30 min.

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Chris F

Called @ 1pm to get a quote. Very polite over the phone. Got a phone call in a half hr to see what needs to be taken. Two Guys Showed up at 2pm. Price was exactly what I expected. A lot cheaper than all companies. All was out of my home in 30 minutes. I highly recommend them


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