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Furniture removal in New Jersey

Furniture Removal in New Jersey

The time has come to throw out some of that old furniture. Maybe you just moved or cleaned out. Perhaps you just had a couch delivered and you don't need the old one. Fortunately Power Cleanouts --- Call 201-624-1171  for a FREE quote  -- is here to help. We provide painless, environment-loving Furniture Removal throughout New Jersey. And you might help someone in need (see below).

How does Furniture Removal in New Jersey Work?

With Power Cleanouts the process is super easy. Give us a call:  201-624-1171  for a FREE quote. Or book an appointment online for your free quote. On the day you choose, a team member will call before we arrive on site. So there's no need to sit around waiting. Once on site, we'll provide you with an affordable quote and remove the furniture for you on the spot.

What happens to the furniture?

Most furniture ends up in a Material Recovery Facility-- also known as a MRF. There the wood, metal and other recyclables are put back in use. Many pieces find a new home with people in need.

Is there any furniture we can't take?

None.    You leave it, we move it.    There is nothing furniture-related that we cannot load on our heavy trucks.    If you have questions about an unusual item, give us a call at 201-624-1171 and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff.

What's the cost for Furniture Removal in New Jersey?

The cost for Furniture Removal in New Jersey of course varies by the space your refuse takes up. For the latest prices check out our prices page to get a rough estimate of what your furniture removal might cost. Our prices vary and at certain times of the year we offer deep discounts. To be sure, give us a call:  201-624-1171, and have a lovely day.

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Customer Testimonials:
Customer testimonial of Furniture removal

Johanna E

Punctual, Professional, and Perfectly Priced!>
I highly recommend them, so no need to read another review or find another company. Call to set up an appointment and get rid of everything that no longer serves your life!

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Dawn C

Very very good! The guys were to arrive between 3 and 5. They arrived at 3 with smiling faces.
We had so much demo for them to clean up, I thought they would gasp, but they looked at it, said they have seen things like this before and got to work.Everyone was great, professional and did not complain about the amount. They just worked hard to get it all in the truck.

Lady holding baby  Furniture removal

Christina D

Great guys, great service, great price.Needed something removed ASAP,the guys showed up 3 hours later and got everything out in 30 min.

male face describing Furniture removal testimonial in

Chris F

Called @ 1pm to get a quote. Very polite over the phone. Got a phone call in a half hr to see what needs to be taken. Two Guys Showed up at 2pm. Price was exactly what I expected. A lot cheaper than all companies. All was out of my home in 30 minutes. I highly recommend them


Furniture removal in New Jersey

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