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Shed removal

Power Cleanouts:  201-624-1171 does Shed Removal cheaply and fast. We underprice the big guys and we do it faster. Want it cleaned out? Want it totally gone? Get that elephant out of your space. We've removed and demolished hundreds of sheds. Shed removal is a specialty for us. Take back your yard.

What's the process of removing a shed?

Demolishing a shed can be a back-breaking task. We start at the roof and take it apart right down to the ground. When it's done you get back your space, clean and neat. All carted away. No hassles.     No stories.

What's in that shed?

After years of "saving" odd stuff, you now have an overwhelming amount of junk no one wants. But what exactly is in that shed? Here is a list of some things we find when Power Cleanouts goes for a Shed Removal : Machinery that doesn't work Leftover paint cans (don't look inside) Tools you never use Leftover wood and building materials you'll never use Car parts that go no place Plumbing parts that don't fit anything Clothing collecting dust with other fire hazards Flat tires Old toys no kid wants Kitchenware long since replaced Mattresses soiled beyond use Wheels for vehicles you don't have any more Forgotten stuff you don't even know about .... and millions of useless pieces of junk.

Shed removal frees up space!

Every year for Christmas, someone buys you a drill. You have three drills, 4 hammers, and who knows how many other random tools.    You are never going to use 4 hammers and that weed wacker that hasn't been turned on in 5 years. Power Cleanouts comes ready and able to turn that messy shed into useful free space.  

Are old decorations making your shed a mess?

When was the last time you pulled out Ol' Rudolph? His nose is no longer red from the amount of time he's been sitting in your shed collecting dust. Get rid of the clutter and clear your mind by calling Power Cleanouts --->      201-624-1171 day or night. A happy shed is a clean shed. Call Power Cleanouts now:  201-624-1171 Or you can book online for your FREE quote.    

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Customer Testimonials:
Customer testimonial of Shed removal

Johanna E

Punctual, Professional, and Perfectly Priced!>
I highly recommend them, so no need to read another review or find another company. Call to set up an appointment and get rid of everything that no longer serves your life!

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Dawn C

Very very good! The guys were to arrive between 3 and 5. They arrived at 3 with smiling faces.
We had so much demo for them to clean up, I thought they would gasp, but they looked at it, said they have seen things like this before and got to work.Everyone was great, professional and did not complain about the amount. They just worked hard to get it all in the truck.

Lady holding baby  Shed removal

Christina D

Great guys, great service, great price.Needed something removed ASAP,the guys showed up 3 hours later and got everything out in 30 min.

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Chris F

Called @ 1pm to get a quote. Very polite over the phone. Got a phone call in a half hr to see what needs to be taken. Two Guys Showed up at 2pm. Price was exactly what I expected. A lot cheaper than all companies. All was out of my home in 30 minutes. I highly recommend them


Shed removal in New Jersey

Shed removal in NJ

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