Out with the Old, In with the. . . “New” Emerald Cubicle System

Out with the Old, In with the. . . “New” Emerald Cubicle System

Warmer weather is approaching, and flowers are blooming. . .do you know what that means? Spring cleaning! But, I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet, bleaching your bathroom, and cleaning your oven; I’m referring to spring cleaning, the office edition. Instead of emptying out your filing cabinet and sifting through folders upon folders of junk mail and past projects, let’s just get rid of everything. No, I’m not joking. Get rid of your entire office space. The old, outdated office cubicles, uncomfortable desk chairs, ugly decorations, and small, metal desks with squeaky drawers. Say goodbye to all of it, and hello to your brand-new cubicle systems and office furniture.

Call in your favorite, go-to junk removal service and let’s get started. Once all of that “junk” office furniture is taken care of, turn to Skutchi Designs to transform your empty office space. Designers will provide free space planning services while you customize your perfect cubicle systems. Speaking of cubicle systems, check out the Emerald Cubicle System. Choose from call center cubicles, L-shape cubicles, U-shape cubicles, teaming cubicles, managerial cubicles, executive cubicles, and reception cubicles.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal and most effective cubicle system, it’s time to start customizing. Choose your panel height, cubicle panel colors (with two-tone and glass-top options available), worksurfaces, seating options, storage solutions, and more! The Emerald cubicle system is the perfect solution to any office space, especially one that’s just been completely emptied out and has nothing in it.

And the best part is, Skutchi Designs offers nationwide delivery and installation, so not only do you have someone to completely clear out your old office, but you also have someone to install and set up your new office as well. They help you through the process from space planning and design all the way to your completed office space. This means that your process is taken care of from removal to design and planning to delivery to installation; you don’t have to lift a finger. Except maybe to pick up the phone and call.

Spring cleaning means out with the old, and in with the new. So, get the old junk removed and customize your new Emerald cubicle system. While you’re at it, you could also probably use some new custom furniture, a completely new reception area, and maybe even a new conference table. I’m sure you know where to find it. Let’s get started! There’s no better time for an office makeover than right now!


Walk/Bike Path Could Connect Jersey City and Montclair

Ice & Iron Greenway Montclair To Jersey City Smallwood Avenue
Ice & Iron Greenway, Essex County section. Rendering via New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition (NJBWC).

More people could soon travel on foot or by bicycle between Essex and Hudson counties should a rail-trail proposal continue to advance.

The 11-mile Ice & Iron Greenway, which is also being referred to as the Essex-Hudson Greenway, would run along the former Boonton Line train tracks and possibly Jersey City’s Bergen Arches and Sixth Street Embankment. It would travel from Montclair to the Jersey City waterfront, crossing the Passaic River using an abandoned bridge called the WR Draw and passing through the Meadowlands on the existing right-of-way. The greenway would also pass through residential neighborhoods and business districts in communities such as Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Newark’s North Ward, and Kearny and could connect to Mountainside Hospital.


History of Recycling

History Of Recycling

Recycling, or the method of re-processing and reusing waste items and materials, has long been practiced by many societies. Artifacts and archeological studies have indicated that as early as 400 BC, ancient garbage dumps or landfills have show much less household garbage especially during times when resources have been scarce. The lack of household garbage in ancient dumpsites has clearly shown that more waste was being recycled, due to the scarcity of new materials.

The History of Recycling in The Pre-Industrial Age

In pre-industrial times, there was good evidence of the collection of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals like bronze, iron and steel in Europe. These scrap items were often melted down and formed into new products.

In medieval England, people collected many things including ash and dust from wood and coal fires. These were used as base material in pre construction for brick-making. Around this time, recycling was motivated by the cost of raw materials and the advantage of getting cheaper recycled feedstock. The lack of a public waste removal and disposal system also made recycling a necessary task during these times.

The Lack Of Resources Encouraged Recycling During Wartime

The outbreak of two major world wars in the early 20th century brought crippling shortages of precious natural resources. These major world-changing occurrences dipped available resources, and forced governments to encourage recycling. Recycling has had more to do with saving money and resources and money than with saving the Earth. During World Wars 1 and 2, governments urged their citizens to conserve wood, paper, textiles, fiber, and even donate metals and precious jewelry. Precious metals were used to help finance the wars. In the United States it became illegal to own precious metals that were not for jewelry or ornamental. In these times, governments and private businesses organized better resource conservation programs and often these strict programs continued even after the war ended.

The History of Recycling During The Post-War Era

Recycling went full steam even after World War 2 ended. During the 1970’s, rising energy costs and the oil embargo forced companies and governments to heavily invest in recycling initiatives. The idea of placing a recycling trailer behind the back of a waste management vehicle allowed for the easy collection of garbage and recyclable materials in most US cities.

The economic boom of the post-war years eroded the ideals of conservation and the wise use of resources from the consciousness of most people in the developed world However, the history of recycling continued to grow as the growth of the environmental movement, and the celebration of the first Earth Day in 1970 put conservation and recycling back in the mainstream. While recycling has not yet been fully accepted by some societies, recent figures suggest that public acceptance, and the market for recycled products, has significantly risen. Today, most cities and towns have laws and enforced systems for collecting and handling recyclable material. However, there is evidence that some towns violate the same laws they created if the programs are not profitable or have the system in place to run it.

One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of recycling, is the need for reducing the amount of garbage sent to landfills. The recycling initiatives of today have already diverted 32 percent, or 60 million tons of garbage, from our landfills. New Jersey has facilities dedicated just for landfill diversion. They are called Material Recovery Facilities, or MRF’s. You can find a list of all of New Jersey’s MRF’s here . While some take residential customers, I encourage you to call first to make sure they can take your recyclable.

If you want to make sure your old things are recycled properly when its time to dispose them you can always call us and we’ll arrange everything including the transportation to the proper MRF. Power Cleanouts has the years of experience and know how to remove your unwanted things in an environmentally friendly way.

History of recycling
The History of Recycling

The Most Successful Garage Sale Ever!

The saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” certainly holds true, and there comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they’ve absolutely accumulated too much unused and unwanted stuff.  Donations to your favorite charity may be welcome but with so many bargain-hunters ready and willing to check out the neighborhood for a good deal, having a Garage Sale can be profitable and, most importantly, fulfill an important goal; cleaning out the house.

Get Ready …

Check out the attic, garage and closets; it’s time to sort through the items you want to put up for sale.  Remember, people who come to Garage Sales are looking for bargains and, in turn, you are trying to clear out this junk from your house. You may think that tacky alabaster figurine you got for Christmas is worth a lot of money but in reality, it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay.  Price items low and watch the cash flow!

  • Schedule your Garage Sale in the spring; that’s when the bargain-hunters typically come hunting. Choose a Friday and/or Saturday and start early; around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.
  • Advertise in newspapers and online through community sites and social media.
  • Hand out fliers; create posters for locations with community bulletin boards; install yard signs (at least a week in advance).
  • Organize and separate different types of items so that they are easy to locate in their sales area.
  • Price items lower than their actual value.
  • Be flexible with customers who want to negotiate prices. That may include adding a few extras to something, in order to urge the buyer to say “yes.”

Bottom Line

Of course, we all want to get top dollar for the stuff we‘ve cherished,  but the ultimate goal is (in most cases) to lessen the house clutter. Selling things online through auction sites is time consuming and costs money; fee structures vary and, depending on the item, your Return On Investment may not be very lucrative.  Having a Garage Sale lets you clean out the house, allow others to value items you once cherished and put a few dollars in your pocket. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Successful Garage Sale in the Fall

One of the great things about fall is that it’s the perfect opportunity for one of the finest American traditions of them all – the garage sale. It’s natural to feel like a little downsizing is in order every now and again and a garage sale is a perfect way to take care of this need and have a little fun at the same time. If you want to have a successful garage sale in the fall, however, you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind.


Let Technology Be Your Guide


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when putting on a garage sale involves setting unrealistic prices for items. Remember that something is only worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Even if you paid $50 for a brand new video game that is still in the packaging, you’re not necessarily going to get $50 for it – if a buyer decides that it’s only worth $20, this in turn becomes its inherent value.


In order to make sure you’re pricing your items as fairly and as accurately as possible, make use of all the modern technological conveniences you have available to you. Sites like Letgo, Offerup, eBay and even Craigslist can be a great channel to use to search for similar items and get an instant, fairly accurate indication about what real people are buying and selling these items for. You can then price your own items at your garage sale accordingly. If someone makes you a lower offer on the day, you can quickly fire up the Letgo or Offerup apps on your smartphone, check the prices and determine what you’re comfortable with.


Don’t Lose Focus


Perhaps the most important step to take to help have a successful garage sale in the fall, however, comes in the form of getting your own expectations in line. Always remember that the point of a garage sale is to get rid of as many items as possible that you don’t want. A garage sale isn’t going to make you rich, but what it will do is help you clear out some of the old clutter from your life that you just aren’t interested in anymore – this is your number one priority. As a result, you may have to get creative.


If you begin to notice that certain items on their own aren’t attracting the type of attention you want, consider bundling them together with similar items for a discount. You could also make use of the tried-but-true retail tactic of “buy one, get one free” – if there’s a particular item that you just can’t seem to get rid of, consider throwing it in as a “freebie” to make the purchase of a different (preferably more expensive) item that much more attractive to prospective buyers.


In the End


Regardless of how successful your garage sale is, it’s important to understand that you’ll never have a 100% success rate. Some items that you put out on a table early in the morning will still be there when you close up shop at night – there’s no getting around it. For those items that you just can’t seem to get rid of, consider ways that you might repurpose them into your life to get some additional use out of them. If nobody wants your old iPad 1 because it’s seen better days and is antiquated technology at this point, you’re only one magnetic refrigerator mount away from having a digital recipe book on your fridge at all times.


As a last resort, you can also always call Power Cleanouts to have all of your old items hauled away as efficiently as possible. Power Cleanouts is New Jersey’s premiere choice for junk and rubbish removal and our passionate and professional staff is trained to meet your needs and exceed your expectations each and every time. To set up a pickup appointment or to find out more information, contact Power Cleanouts at (201) 624-1171 today. We wish you success in your garage sale in the fall.

Stop Holding On To Old Items, So You Can Live A Better Life

Stop Holding Old Items.

Everybody holds on to sentimental items at some point in their lives. It might be a postcard from a friend who lived abroad, or a dried bouquet of roses from wedding. Then there are the more questionable items – perhaps you still have notes from an ex tucked away in a drawer somewhere, or a stack of medical bills you paid a while ago, but hold onto anyway in case you need a record of it.

Whatever you’re holding on to, the bigger question is this: why are you holding on to it in the first place? The answers may not be as obvious as you think.

The Connection Between Physical Clutter And Mental Clutter

Our choices in life are almost always physical manifestations of our subconscious and our emotional connection to the world around us. According to a study done by John A. Bargh and Ezequiel Morsella of Yale University, the patterns of the unconscious mind precede the conscious mind, and as a result, determine much of our behavior. Bargh and Morsella also found that the subconscious is actually not as inflexible as neuroscientists and psychologists previously believed. In fact, through cognitive behavioral therapy, we can rewire our subconscious to improve positive behaviors.

What does this have to do with clutter? A lot, actually. When we hold on to personal items, we are really holding on to an emotion that our subconscious is making a connection with. For example, you might keep a bin of old stuffed animals in your room because it reminds you of your childhood. But take a closer look and ask yourself why you can’t get rid of those stuffed animals – is it because you fear letting go of being a kid? Are you holding out hope that you’ll use them again if you have kids? Does it make you anxious to throw them away?

If the thought of letting something go causes tension, or even guilt and shame, you are actually creating subconscious drama in your mind, which could be negatively affecting your mood and wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Getting Rid Of Old Items

There are many reasons to dispose of old things. Instead of focusing on the negative (for instance, feeling upset about throwing something away), focus on how getting rid of something will improve your life. When you are mindful of the positives, you can train your brain to associate actions with positive memories. Here’s how getting rid of old items can be beneficial to your mental and ultimately physical health:

  • Detachment from unpleasant, subconscious memories
  • You can add new items to your home that have new meaning
  • Get rid of clutter, mess, and disorganization
  • Let go of expectations of your self (for example, getting rid of your old size 0 dress that fit you in high school)

When we let go objects that are actually holding us down, we can break free from our own personal shame and fear.

How To Get Rid Of Things The Right Way

It still might not be easy to throw away those binders full of notes from college – after all, you worked so hard on them! When getting rid of old stuff, psycohologists recommend doing it one by one, that way you can evaluate it’s meaning and why you need to let it go. Be honest with yourself too, and don’t let yourself feel guilt over saying goodbye to things that once symbolized so much to you. One practice to live by is the KonMari method, developed by organization queen extraordinaire Marie Kondo. Kondo suggests keeping items that bring something positive to your life, or “good vibes” you might say. These items should give you at least one of four things: truth, love, meaning, and purpose. If it doesn’t bring you any of those, it’s time to get rid of it. So stop holding on to old items and break free.

Stop Holding Old Items

The High Cost of Cheap Labor and Services

The High Cost of Cheap Labor and Services

Why Only Considering Price Can Cost you Big

Going cheap is not always the best option for business, especially for mission critical operations. Everyone wants to save money where possible in business, but sometimes spending a bit of money is better to protect the interest of your brand. For example, going the cheapest route for garbage hauling in New Jersey very recently cost some businesses quite heavily. Here are some examples of the High Cost of Cheap Labor and Services some business have faced.

Federal agents have been following organized crime connections to New Jersey waste services for over a decade, and many arrests have been made of unlicensed haulers who lead businesses in with the promise of an extremely low upfront rate. Some of these cheap hauling companies had been in business for more than 20 years before they were finally tracked down and caught by the government.

If your business is linked to a service like this, you can quickly lose your reputation for a crime that is not even really your fault – the crime that you committed was looking at price above all else. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Unlicensed Garbage Hauling in New Jersey

In order to understand the depth of the implications that connections with an unlicensed business can cause you, you must understand the politics of New Jersey waste.

Unlicensed garbage haulers have had the ability to operate with limitations in New Jersey, and they do not have to pay any licensing fees to the state. In most cases, this is the margin that allows these companies to charge lower prices to their clientele, some of whom will happily take the discount without properly vetting the business that is behind it.

Because these unlicensed companies do not report to the state, they often do not take any of the state requirements for professional garbage hauling seriously. They do not pay any annual fee assessments, nor do they file any sort of yearly report with the state. These fraudulent companies will often try to shave expenses off of their books by getting rid of garbage in the cheapest possible way. In most cases, this means dumping that garbage illegally.

Illegal dumping affects huge numbers of people in New Jersey. Not only that, but the connections of the underground crime market for garbage hauling stretch into New York and Philadelphia as well. As a matter of fact, the connections ran so deep as to cause the state of New Jersey to tighten its regulations in recent years, a topic that was a major cause of concern for many companies who found themselves unable to get out from under the thumb of coerced arrangements with garbage collection companies controlled by the Mafia.

Increased Enforcement of Licensing

Starting in 2014 and continuing to the present day, the state of New Jersey finally took a hardline stand against unlicensed garbage brokers. The Department of Environmental Protection is just one example of the state agencies that have begin to crack down on the brokers of unlicensed garbage pickup services. More importantly to you, however, is the crackdown on the companies that use these unlicensed brokers and garbage collectors. Here is where the high cost of cheap labor and services really starts to take effect.

That’s right – simply trying to do business on the cheap without properly vetting the company that is providing the services may get an otherwise innocent company into legal hot water. Once one government agency starts looking at a company, that opens the floodgates for any other agency to look at that company with more scrutiny as well. Many companies have been completely put out of business because of financial audits that were originally started based upon the association with unlicensed garbage collection services.

Solid and hazardous waste brokers in New Jersey are now responsible for hiring only those transporters who can show that they have an A-901 transportation license to legally haul solid and hazardous waste. Additionally, the transporters that those companies use must have a CPCN.

The Crackdown

Currently, the DEP is working in conjunction with the Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste to identify any field broker that does not have a license from the state. There are a number of initiatives that are ensnaring many of these shady brokerage companies, including field investigations, county partner organization involvement and licensed transporters being given more support when they report a crime.

Companies that are found to be in violation of the new regulations will not only be required to stop conducting business in the state, but they may also be fined. The DEP has also consolidated a full list of brokers who are licensed under the A-901 distinction, so if you are looking for a legitimate garbage hauling service, you can double check your partner using that official government list.

If you are receiving garbage disposal services from a company that has not been vetted, then you risk the day to day operations of your company as well as the long term legal scrutiny. It is usually better to check your associations now so that you can break any contracts that need to be broken before the association is discovered by the state. Those companies that do so are treated with much more leniency. The high cost of cheap labor and services is just not worth it.

The Power Cleanouts Alternative

If you are looking for a fully licensed, world class garbage disposal service in the state of New Jersey, then look no farther than Power Cleanouts. As a legitimate hauling company with years of experience, we give you the service that you need without all of the legal hassles and government oversight. Give us a call when you are ready to invest in a service that will pay off for your business for years to come.

High Cost of Cheap Labor and Services






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