The Power Cleanouts Scholarship

Power Cleanouts Books Stipend and Supplies Scholarship

Welcome to the Power Cleanouts Scholarship information page. This scholarship is awarded every year on September 1st or the first weekday of September if the 1st falls on a weekend. This scholarship is to help student with the cost of books and supplies for the Fall and Spring semester.

The scholarship grants $1000 to one student for the school year. Students are eligible to reapply every year during the application period. Awarded students can use the stipend for school supplies, books or software that might be needed in the school year.

The awarded student will be granted $1000 dollars disbursed on the 1st of September or the first weekday of September if the first falls on a weekend each annum. If a student is awarded the scholarship they would have to apply by August 22nd the following year to be eligible for it again since the scholarship does not renew.

This Scholarship is for students transitioning or those that have made the transition from a 2 year to a 4 year institution in north east New Jersey. This scholarship is for Juniors and Seniors of 4 year colleges that have transferred from 2 year colleges as well as sophomores that are about to meet their graduation requirements in their last semester of a two year institution.

Applications are open from May 1st and the deadline for applications is August 22nd. Winners will be announced the last Thursday of August. Awards will be disbursed the first week of September.

The requirements to apply are as follows:

•Must be a U.S Citizen

•Must be in your last semester of a two year institution (community college) and have applied to a 4 year school.
•Must have graduated from a two year institution and have applied and been accepted  or currently enrolled in a 4 year institution.

•The school that you attended AND the school that you will be attending must be in one of the following 4 counties in New Jersey:
– Bergen County
– Essex County
– Hudson County
– Passaic County.

(Note: Both the school you attended and the school that you are attending or planning to attend must be in one of the 4 listed counties)

•Must have a minimum of 3.0 gpa at a 2 year college or a minimum 2.75 gpa at a 4 year school. If currently enrolled in a 4 year school you current gpa is the one that must be used.

•Must completely fill out the application.

• Submit a 500 to 750 word essay on why you chose to attend a two year college before transferring to a 4 year college and what roll the two year school has played in your education.

Ready to apply?