Scrap Metal Pick Up NJ

We pick up scrap metal at a lower cost than our competitors. Since there is a market for recyclables we charge a cheaper rate than we other wise would for regular junk.

How does scrap metal pick up work?

We take into consideration the ease of access and how far away from the truck the scrap metal is to be loaded. Then you just point at all the scrap metal you want picked up and we will give you an up front quote. As soon as we get your approval we will load the truck and leave your area complete clutter free.

Do you charge for scrap metal pick up?

We do charge and the prices vary from time to time to due to volatility of the scrap metal market. The best way to figure out how much it will cost to remove the scrap metal is to call us at (201)624-1171 or book a free quote online.

Scrap Metal We Pick Up
Scrap Metal We Pick Up